The Monsoon Journey

Its always been never ending fascination towards travelling over to Malnad and western ghats regions of karnataka. Its june now and have waited for arrival of monsoon in this year. This time it was a family trip and we were travelling for 4 days covering unseen places in different climate conditions Route Map Mysore - Hassan - Mudigere - Charmadi Ghat - Dharmasthala - Moodbidri - Karkala - Agumbe - Sringeri - Balehonnur - Chickmagaluru - Belur - Mysore Pulled our car near mudigere, cold wind, wet roads and we had few minutes break As we move further, the rain started continued and continued and we enjoyed travelling in rain

Exploring Western Ghats, Karnataka

It was 1 week before we decided for a 2 day trip.. And this time we had Royal Enfield.. And we din't had to worry about much about the time keep up. We were thinking coastal this time.. we had left Dharmasthala Kukke Subramanya visit for many more days.. So we decided Kukke Dharmasthala. Dharmasthala halt for a day. And next day we wanted to visit kukke. Bike - Bullet Electra 350 Average Speed - 75kmph The route Mysore - Holenarasipura - Arkalgud - Kodlipet - Manjrabadfot - Shiradighat - Dharmasthala - Kukke Subrahmanya - Sullia - Madikeri - Mysore. It was 5.30 we got up and it became 6am as we left mysore city. Our first pit stop was near Holenarasipura. We left Holenarasipura and then we headed towards coorg district.. we passed Arkalgud. And then we had another stop near kodlipete After this mini stop, then we started towards sakleshpur. On the way we had to take deviation towards Shiradi Ghat. On the way we went to Manjrabad Fort. It was too hot

Send a mail to your Gmail From Your Localserver - Xampp

How to send email to your Gmail Account from 'localhost'? - php Prerequisite a .    Open php.ini file. b .    Find - [mail function] c .  Change SMTP = d .  Change sendmail_from = e .  ' ; ' being commented Your php.ini file should look like this. Replace Your send mail function should look like this $headers = "Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8\n"; $to = ""; $subject = "Sample Subject"; $message = "Sample Message/ HTML Content"; mail($to,$subject,$message,$headers); After This You will get Sign-in Attempt Prevented email to your g-mail account Access For Less Secure Apps Turning on Enabling for less secure apps will be the solution to access the gmail account. You can enable here from this link This is it. After turning on secure a

EBS Payment Integration on our Web Applications

The primary thing is that, You should be registered in EBS secure payment for the transactions to happen. So after registration you need to login with your credentials on to follow the customer payment flow, success transactions, failure transactions, cancel transactions, customer transaction details in real time. How to test your transaction from localhost( Required files 1 . index.php 2 . response.php 3 . secure.php Index.php mandatory credentials - $secret_key="ebskey"; 'ebskey' is for testing purpose. For real time, a . logon to b . Go to settings c . You can find Account Name, Account ID and Secret Key in Account              Information $accound_id = "5880";  This is your test id. For real time - Go to settings, get Acccount ID $final_amount = "2"; (product amount) $order_no = "123"; (test order number) $return_url = "http://localhost/

The Electronic Fuel Injection

Royal Enfield FAQs Royal Enfield Cooling systems Ever worried why heating is excess on your Enfield machines?. Yes there is huge tolerance on cooling systems between Royal Enfield and other modren bikes.  Modern bikes have a coating on the inside of the cylinder wall on top of the iron (essentially) sleeve .. or in some cases straight aluminium alloy. This coating is called Nikasil.   Nikasil is Nickel and Silicon.  And definitely yes your Royal Enfield motorcycles does not have this coating. This coating  usually runs at about a 14 per cent Silicon Carbide ratio So how should you ride your Enfield bikes? Vary your RMP. Do not drive long distances in same RPM Now when you drive for few 100 miles, there is more friction going on there. That's where the heating issues comes. And yes be nice to it. Some say ride it in your way.. Hmm no way..  The hone cross hatches against the rings will create a  little more heat, so be aware of that.. Just like sitting mo

Exploring Coorg , Karnataka

Absolutely unplanned! Sunday morning got up at 5 am. Finished my bath and i was ready. My friend chethan called me, he said he'l be picking me up in another 5 minutes. We din't had a proper plan. we decided to head over to Hunsur first. We started at 5.45 and we had our first pitstop in Hunsur. There we planned the route. Bike - Bajaj Discover Average Speed - 58kmph Mileage - 68km per/Lt The Route - Mysore - Hunsur - Periyapatna - Maldare Forest -  Siddapura    - Ammati - Virajpete - Chelavara Falls Chelavara Falls - Virajpete - Gonikoppa - Palibetta - Siddapura - Maldare Forest -  Periyapatna   -  Hunsur  - Mysore After Ilawala, a place near Mysore. We were cruising around 60kmph still we did not had a proper route plan. Had a stomachfull breakfast in  Periyapatna. We decided to deviate towards Maldare forest road which leads to siddapura further, the starting point of the coorg. Nearly upto 7 kms, the road was killing our bike tyres.